Andromeda From My Doorstep


Image Information

Photographer: Shawn Roberts

Camera: Canon EOS 60D – Modified
Lens: Wilson Optics Zenithstar 61mm APO Refractor Telescope
Exposure: 25, 5 minute guided exposures

Location: From my Front Doorstep, Brewer, Maine

Believe it or don’t, many humans are able to see the Andromeda Galaxy with the unaided eye.  My eyesight is horrible, so I imaged the galaxy using a modified Canon 60D Digital SLR and a Wilson Optics Refractor Telescope.  Andromeda lies 2.5 million light years from Earth, yet, with a modest astrophotography setup, any one can learn to capture its beauty.

Technique and equipment sections will be coming shortly.  This particular image was shot by stacking multiple 5 minute exposures shot with a Canon 20D , modified for astrophotography, using a Wilson Optics refractor telescope and an equatorial mount.  Sounds complicated, but the cost of such a system is modest  and there are several excellent astrophotography websites.