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“Change your lens!” Celebrating what’s right is not a perspective that denies the very real pain and suffering that exists on this planet.  Rather, it’s a perspective that puts those problems into a larger, more balanced, context.  A context when we can see that there’s far more right with the world than there is wrong with it.

~ Dewitt Jones

(CC BY–NC–ND 4.0 International)

Our world is complex.  Yet, despite many situations affecting our planet being beyond the control of the individual, how you approach the world is completely up to you.  As National Geographic Photographer, Dewitt Jones, notes “no matter how strange a situation that I walk into, the first thing I’m going to ask, ‘What’s here to celebrate?'”  Yet Jones suffers no delusions regarding his approach: 

I can already hear the cynics grumbling, “Dewitt, you’re such a Pollyanna.  The world is in flames–war, terrorism, poverty, global warming. And you’re shooting puffballs!
When I put on that lens of celebration, when I really allow myself to see and connect with the beauty of the world, I feel like I’m a cup that’s so full it’s just about to overflow… We call it — Passion!
In a time when the megaphone carried by darkness seems capable of drowning all else out, instead of plugging our ears or burying our heads in the sand, why are we not flooding the world with imagery of light?  Photography provides the perfect ability to raise awareness without raising voices, communicate light without engaging the darkness, and capture, display, and distribute hope.  Photo Perspectives possesses a web page, a Facebook page, an Instgram feed, a Twitter account, and many other opportunities for mass distribution.  Do we not also have an opportunity – or even an obligation – to inundate the world with positive imagery and inspiring stories? What we need are the light bringers – the image makers – and we have chosen to solicit greatness from our up-and-coming generations. Photo Perspectives aims to emphasize the beauty, optimism, and good in the world by encouraging young photographers to actively seek it out and capture it for all to see.  We invite any student attending Middle or High School in Maine, or who is homeschooled at those levels, to join our private “Facebook-like” group to share their imagery promoting the good and beauty in the world.  Participation requires parent consent and assignment of non-exclusive rights to your work so that Photo Perspectives can share the images, with full photographer credit, via its social media, public exhibitions, and printed materials.


Self Enhancement

Tasking our youth to seek out and capture the beauty, hope, and good in the world necessarily makes them a part of it. Repetition of task makes it a habit.

Community Enhancement

Placing beautiful, uplifting imagery for all in a community to enjoy only raises the collective spirit and makes the local world a little more positive.

Mutual Investment of community and photographer

Public display of our young photographers' work helps directly connect them to their community, vested as a participating member. Similarly, a community benefiting from the talents of its youth only increases communities valuing their younger members.


The majority of, if not all, photographer submissions will be distributed through our social media platforms.  Any use of an image will include photo credit to the photographer in a format approved by the parent/legal guardian.

Permanent exhibits of selected works will include professionally printed and framed reproduction of the image, a placard with relevant information including photo credit and sponsor.  The image and placard will be hung on an ongoing basis in a publicly accessible location in proximity to the photographer’s school. 

We may also use selected images for card series and an Annual Hope Publication to support ongoing efforts associated with the HOPE Initiative.  In the case of such use, photographers would receive a complementary copy of the publication in which the fully credited photo is used.


Image Sponsors‘ restricted, tax-deductible donation will fund the printing, framing, placard, and handling of an image of their choosing from selected photographer submissions.  Image Sponsors will be acknowledged on the placard and dedicated webpage through a line item reading “Exhibition made possible by the generous donation of ______.”   Should an Image Sponsor be a business, an IRS permitted link will be provided on the permanent webpage dedicated to the particular image.

Location Sponsors provide publicly accessible display pace for the permanent display of the professionally printed and framed photograph and descriptive placard.  Preference will be provided to public entities although privately owned businesses serving the public will also be considered.

Initial solicitation of sponsors is expected in the early Spring 2024.  Please check back for information on participation at that time.