Autumn on the Piscataquis


Image Information

Photographer: Shawn Roberts

Camera: Canon EOS Rebel G
Lens: EF 28-70mm f/2.8L 
Exposure: 1/60 second, f/16, ISO 100, Kodak Gold Film

Location: Piscataquis River, Dover-Foxcroft, Maine

Autumn in Maine, my wife’s favorite time of year, makes living in a rural part of the United States more than worth it.  The brilliant colors of the changing leaves as fall turns into winter reminds us that wonderous beauty exists all around us – available to appreciate if one only takes the time to quiet one’s mind and observe.  Although the viewer may be tempted to think the colors in the trees have been digitally enhanced, proper exposure allowed the camera to represent the beauty as it existed that day.  It is true, however, that a technique called burning, or burning in, applied to the sky allowed some of the cloud detail to be pulled out from what would have been  a “blown out” sky.

I used Kodak Gold 100 film and an entry level Canon camera to capture the scene.  For those of you younger folks, film is what existed before sensors and iPhones.  You put it in the camera, took the picture, and really did not know if you had gotten the exposure right until the film was processed at a lab.