Bass Harbor Head


Image Information

Photographer: Shawn Roberts

Camera: Canon Rebel G
Lens: EF 28 -70  f/2.8L 
Exposure: 1/30 second, f/11, Kodak Gold 100 Film

Location: Tremont, Maine

Bass Harbor Head during the golden hour represents one of my favorite places in all the world.  It is also a reminder that, not respected, nature can be ruthless and unforgiving.  The tides in Eastern Maine, not far from the Bay of Fundy, rise quite rapidly.  Allowing yourself to become lost in thought while observing the scenery and the spectacular sunsets risks stranding you on your own 1 meter island, or worse, as the tide comes in.  A secondary danger one must always be cognizant of when standing on slippery uneven terrain so close to the oceans edge is that photographers sometimes get tunnel vision when trying to get the angle just right and can easily forget that a step not so far to the left can put you and your gear in the saltwater of the ocean.

Technical Points of Interest

  • Dodging
  • Spot Metering
  • Graduated Neutral Density Filter