Who Would Like A Scholarship to Study Photography?

Our mission includes awarding meaningful scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are planning to pursue a photography-related degree at an accredited college or university.  The final details are being worked out by our scholarship committee, but general eligibility criteria and application will include:

  • Being a legal resident of the State of Maine graduating from a Maine HIgh School
  • Planning to pursue a degree in a photography-related field from an accredited college or university
  • Completing and submitting necessary legal paperwork (e.g., model or property releases, proof of eligibility, etc)
  • Applications, in part, will involve digital submission of a three photographic image portfolio consisting of an image of the applicant’s choosing, an image expressing something or someone special in the applicant’s home town, and an image from Photo Perspectives Board of Director’s Defined Category (e.g., Hope)


We often refer to our donors as the Stars Wished Upon.  They really are – for both our Organization and our scholarship awardees.  Donor generosity makes our dreams and those of our awardees come true in the following ways:


Although the exact number and amount of scholarships offered will be determined by our Board each year, our ambitious goal is to award $5000 – $10000 in total scholarship funds each year.


Photo Perspectives provides a framed print of each awardee’s work, on their behalf, to their school or a publicly accessible community venue (e.g., city hall)  for permanent display.


Corporate sponsorships may fund an individual scholarship, awardee card series, permanent community display of awardee work.